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I have taught workshops both in person and online for many years to groups of all ages. Scroll down for some sample class offerings. Join my mailing list to get my monthly newsletter with the latest info. Contact me to teach a private workshop for your business or group. Email for more info

Beginning Embroidery

This 3 hour workshop is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of embroidery, for kids 12 years and up, and for adults. I will go over materials, resources, and then we practice 8 (or more) basic stitches to get you on your way.

When you sign up, I will email you a downloadable PDF booklet  with all the info we cover in class, plus diagrams of basic stitches. And of course, a Zoom link for the workshop.

Contact me to set up a workshop.

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Embroidery Embellishment

This 3 hour class is the next step after the beginning class, or for anyone who has done some embroidery in the past. We will practice basic stitches but will also go over materials, how to create designs, where to find design inspiration and suggestions for embellishing clothing or other textiles. Includes the same PDF booklet as in the beginning workshop. Contact me to set up a workshop.

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Carve-Print-Stitch on Fabric

Have you ever wanted to design your own fabric? 

In this 8 hour class, divided into two days, we will design our own block prints, carve them in Soft-Kut rubber (like linoleum but easier to carve/print on fabric), and print our designs on fabric.

The second day we will embellish our printed fabrics with embroidery. Great for clothing, pillows, whatever textile you can imagine, you can create yourself!

Vision Board Workshop

A fun way to start the year or begin a new venture. Come with some ideas in your head, we will create vision boards for whatever we want to bring to fruition. Great for individuals groups, friends or colleagues. You may be asked to bring a pile of old magazines, catalogues or other paper ephemera.

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